With the windshield better repair than change

Are you one of those who change the windshield or repair it 2 and 3 times a year? The chintzes are frequent not only on roads and secondary roads, the highways can be the scene of an impact, sometimes, inclusion, and the projectile does not come from the road but, directly, falls from a truck loaded with aggregates or other material.

The RACC has studied the situations in which most of the glass disasters occur and has reached the conclusion that 80% are produced by the bad driving habits of the users. The main reason is not to respect the safety distance.

Increase the meters that separate us from the car in front, allows us to avoid accidents and even, dodge objects that may fall unexpectedly. At greater distances, the impact force of the gravel is also smaller and therefore can reduce the size of the impact and can be solved with a simple repair instead of splitting and having to change the moon. The advantage? That repairs as a general rule do not count as part of the insurance, nor do they influence the bonus; however, a complete change of the moon does.

Another good habit when driving is to reduce speed on very bumpy roads and in poor condition, as the strong impacts can cause a windshield with a previous micro-sight (not noticeable to the naked eye) is cracked permanently and have to resort to substitution .

Finally, avoid sudden changes in temperature will help to keep the windshield in good condition. Neither heating at the top in winter, nor decoking the windshield with hot water are recommended actions.

The repair of an impact guarantees 100% that the windshield recovers its integrity and its functions in the passive safety of your vehicle.