Wipe windshield inside

It may seem like one of the simplest maintenance tasks of a car, but cleaning the windshield inside often becomes a task that fails to bear the fruits that are expected. Continuous stains, traces of used rags, inadequate products … All this leads to the early deterioration of the front glass of any vehicle, and we must not forget that this is the area where the driver sees and explores the road, so that its maintenance is fundamental. But it must be taken into account that, following a series of simple tips, it is possible to leave this glass completely gleaming because this is not usually achieved by a poor choice of the materials used.

The materials

The first of all is that to clean windscreens inside you have to forget about the classic glass cleaner, as its formula is not adapted to the needs of the front window of a vehicle. The same applies to rags that release too much lint or newspaper. With the latter, it is convenient to stop, since there are few who recommend it to leave the crystals clean. A newspaper is a paper capable of scratching the moon of a car because of its roughness and dryness, so it is best to keep it away from any windshield.

Clean interior windshield: the right method

Keep in mind that the car’s front window usually accumulates a layer of grease due to its use, which is precisely what makes it so difficult to clean. Therefore, the best advice is to choose an anti-grease product; It serves the same common kitchen dishwasher, mixed with a little water in a spray can. Conventional kitchen paper is the best ally for this task. It does not leave marks, it absorbs the excess of product that has been used and, therefore, it serves to give a perfect finish without having to strain too much.

The benefits of cleaning car windows inside

As is evident, the clarity and clarity with which the road will be perceived is one of the first advantages of carrying out this simple maintenance task. But there is more, since cleaning frequently the glasses of the car is the best way to detect possible damages. A small scratch or crack can easily end the entire moon endangering driver and passengers, so you should never lose sight of the car’s glass.