Windshield replacement tips

The best advice is that windshield replacement is not a do-it-yourself project. The windshield plays an integral role in keeping you safe in an accident. Significant structural support is provided for the passenger compartment. A windshield is designed to keep the occupants of the vehicle, while cushioning the blow should a passenger come in contact with the glass.

Some or all of these features may be compromised by improper installation. A certified professional installer undergoes specialized training and uses specialized tools and materials. A professional can complete the work in less than an hour. You will spend many hours of frustration and may end up with a vehicle not sure if you try to do it yourself, without the proper tools and materials.

Know what you want before talking to an insurance adjuster or repair planning. You have three options when it comes to choosing a new windshield replacement.

Ask a replacement OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) to your dealer’s service center. You will receive a new windshield, which is identical to the previous one, such as the automotive logo.

Ask for a replacement auto glass OEM workshop and get a new windshield made to the same specifications as the previous one. Unless you specifically “OEM distributors”, it may come from a different manufacturer and they will not have the car manufacturer’s logo printed on it. Unless you have that logo is important to you, save money by choosing generic “OEM distributor” glass.

Save significantly more demanding an aftermarket replacement instead of OEM specify. You will receive an OEE (Original Equipment Equivalent) Windshield Aftermarket glass manufacturers cannot legally make a windshield that exactly matches the original, due to patent restrictions and copyright.

Always choose an OEM replacement if the car is leased. Otherwise, you are likely to pay a fine when it is time to turn in the car. Avoid unpleasant surprises by discussing this with the insurance adjuster before repairs are scheduled.

There is a debate in the industry as aftermarket replacements if it significantly affects the safety of a vehicle. Make sure the OEE replacement glass meets the government’s safety standards and was found to meet the minimum requirements of the American National Standard Institute for auto glass replacement.


Be prepared with the following information when you are ready to schedule repairs. Provide the make, model and year of the designation of the model of your car. Describe the special features of the windshield such as the original color, a rain sensor or a attached mirror that dims automatically when the vehicle lights behind you. If you have global car insurance, you will have the name of your insurance company, the policy number and the approximate date on which the damage occurred.