When should I change or repair the car’s windshield

The windshield is an element that can cost almost a fortune in some models. Due to its curvatures and surface treatments anti-radiation, laminate , etc., there are some that easily exceed one thousand euros, only the glass, without the assembly or the moldings or trims that sometimes also need to be replaced.

That is why it is highly recommended to include the moons in the cost of our mandatory insurance, something that most drivers do. In this way, it is much cheaper to deal with these costly repairs. Precisely for this reason, in order to reduce costs, techniques have been developed in recent years to repair a broken windshield and thus avoid its replacement.

Personally I am more in favor of repairing when it is possible to change the moon of the car. The reason is that the seal that can make the manufacturer in the assembly line has much more quality than we can do later.

Why should I change or repair the windshield

Anyone can think that a slit through the windshield is a reason to replace it, but there are many more defects that are dangerous for driving and require replacement or repair. Moreover, many of these defects can cause a rejection at the time of passing the ITV, especially if these defects are in the field of vision of the driver, for example:

Scratched windshield: most of the time it is due to poor maintenance of the wiper blades. If we do not change them in time, they end up producing streaks on the glass that are very annoying, because they reduce our vision.

Frosted windshield: small pores in the surface of the glass caused by dust and sand. They are dangerous, because they make the brushes not clean well when it rains and also cause a much reduced vision with the sun in front and at night with traffic lights.

Bull eye: breakages that have the shape of a broken nail in the glass are known by this name. These defects are not cause for rejection in the ITV, unless they are directly in the driver’s field of vision.

Laying off the laminate: sometimes, at the edges of the windshield there are areas that seem to be fogged, but that no matter how much we clean them, they do not disappear. What is happening is that the windshield laminate is peeling off. Although it looks like a single crystal, in reality the car’s moon is formed by two glasses that adhere each to one side of a sheet of plastic material. They are made so that no pieces of glass are detached in case of breakage and are stuck to that sheet. Sometimes, the crystals detach themselves from that sheet and this defect appears, which spreads rapidly, especially in humid and warm areas.

What can be repaired and what cannot be

Some of the defects described above can be repaired, but others require replacement of the windshield. In general, unless they are very deep, scratches and frosted glass can be repaired by polishing with special equipment. If the imperfection is very deep, it will not be possible to polish, so that the resource will be to replace the crystal. In this case, since it is not broken, it is not usually covered by the insurance policy.

The detachment of the windshield laminate is not repairable. Normally it is a fault that starts in a corner, so it does not usually cause rejections in the ITV. Your only solution is to replace the glass.

As for the breaks, the chintzes known as “bull eyes” can be easily repaired with special adhesives and ultraviolet light. The longer we take to repair them, the more likely it is that the glass will break more and cannot be repaired or that dirt and subsequent repair is not correct. If you see these types of defects on your glass, repair them as soon as possible.

The breaks in the shape of a star or slits are not repairable in any case. In addition, they tend to spread quickly, especially if there are sudden changes in temperature or if we drive through areas with potholes or asphalt in poor condition.