Tricks to repair small cracks in the windshield of your car

Recently we read a series of homemade tricks for the maintenance of a car and one of them caught our attention: use nail polish to prevent the small cracks in the windshield from becoming cracks and the moon breaking.

When the windshield receives the impact of a pebble or any other similar object, a crack may occur which, due to the vibrations of the conduction, begins to crack until it causes the total rupture of the crystal. To avoid this, it is important to fill the crack so that the broken edges of the glass do not get into friction.

Nail polish could be a temporary solution to cover that crack (you will gain time to find a place of economic repair), in the same way that it is used to avoid the advance of careers in the stockings. The nail polish is a homemade solution in case the impact of the moon caught us off guard, it is key to act quickly.

However, there are specific products on the market for this purpose, which can surely guarantee better results. Whether you use one or the other, it is essential that the area be perfectly clean and dry so that the sealing is perfect. As you can see, for everything or for almost everything, there is a homemade solution that can help us out of a hurry.