Tips for recovering glasses or scratched glasses

Glass objects especially those of medium and large size, with the passage of time are often scratched, and there is no worse thing to deteriorate their beauty than scratches, so today we teach you in a simple and easy way to recover the soft texture and gleaming glass or crystal objects .

How to remove scratches from glass or glass surfaces

A table with glass surface , decorative objects, windows, all those glass surfaces that may have been damaged for different reasons, you can recover with these tips. Just pay attention to the steps to follow and get to work.

We are going to need the following ingredients:

  • Borax, an envelope
  • Water, quantity needed
  • Alcohol or white vinegar

Dissolve the envelope of borax in water at room temperature until a homogeneous mixture is obtained. Reserve.

Step by step how to remove glass or glass scratches

To begin with this process, the first thing we must do is prepare the surface of glass or glass, since we need it free of grease, dust and completely clean. To do this we will perform a deep cleaning by spraying alcohol or white vinegar, and removing any remaining dirt that may hinder the subsequent work. Check with these liquids and the help of a toothbrush in disuse the entire surface, especially where they are scratched.

Done this, we will use the preparation of borax and water, with a felt cloth we will rub the scratched areas carefully, as if we were polishing the glass, always following the same sense of scratches. The rubbing should be vigorous, until the stripes disappear.

This done, rinse with plenty of water and proceed to give the final touch.

With the glass already rinsed and dry, we will pour again on the surface white vinegar or alcohol and rub again with a soft cloth type flannel (can be a new felt cloth) We take shine and luster to leave the glass completely glistening.

Keep in mind that this work should be done on a smooth surface, to avoid new scratches on the glass or glass, so we recommend placing the pieces to be treated on a tablecloth, or soft cloth, and then perform the entire procedure to eliminate scratches from your glasses or crystals.