This is the definitive trick to defrost the car’s windshield

Do not be fooled: in winter, parking the car outdoors will end up being, day in and day out, a nuisance when we pick it up again at dawn.

And then it is inevitable to find, at least, the windshield entirely frozen. And, to remove such an ungrateful layer , of any point incompatible with the conduction when it affects the crystals , or we are going to rub with the scraper , if possible and as in the image on these lines equipped with gloves to avoid cuts and that their own hands end up frozen; or for example, we connect the interior heating, the engine running, and wait for the thermal difference to thaw the glass.

Of course there is a third and effective way: water or sprinkle the windshield with a mixture of water and alcohol.

The thing, the trick if you prefer, is very simple: in a small bottle with mouth type spay, which by the way we can always carry on board, we mix two parts of alcohol and one of water. Then just toss the solution on the frozen glass to check with satisfaction that the ice disappears instantly.

The reason that the invention works is the degree of freezing of the alcohol itself, which happens at a temperature significantly lower than that of water. It’s that simple, but that’s how effective it is.