The fastest way to demist the car’s windshield

Everyone has their tricks in the art of demisting the car’s windows during a cold winter morning. Put the defroster with the windows open? Change the air conditioner to cold instead of hot? To decide what the fastest way to achieve it is, we must use the scientific method.

But no, we do not need to find out on our own. That’s why NASA engineer Mark Robber has his own YouTube channel. After reasoning a bit and trying several combinations, Mark discovered a way to get rid of windshield fog in half the time we use normally. These are the steps to follow:

  • To understand this method, we have to know some things. For example, that the vapor is actually a lot of small drops of water in condensation: the vapor has gone to liquid state because at low temperatures the air can contain less water than at high temperatures. The scientific reason why this happens is because, the higher the temperature, the more energetic the water molecules are and the easier it is for them to leave the liquid state.
  • Seen in a simplified way, hot air can contain more water vapor than cold air. Knowing this, it is easy to understand that the first thing we need is to heat the car’s temperature with the heating. Turning on the air conditioner helps extract moisture from the car by moving the air through the circuit. Turning off the recirculation introduces new air into the car, which increases the ability to contain steam. And finally, opening the windows helps to mix the humid air inside with the dry air outside.