How to remove paint from the windshield of an automobile

The windshield of your car is the most important glass section. When you are covered or you simply have paint stains it can seriously affect your vision and your safety. Windshield wipers will simply run the paint on the windshield since even the best cleaning liquid will not get rid of the paint. You must follow other steps to remove it safely and effectively.


  1. Scrape a plant blade through the dry paint (you can find them at any auto parts store). Use a sharp blade that will not grate the windshield. Hold the blade at an angle, pass it through the glass and try to do it underneath the painting. Scrape until the paint is gone.
  2. Fleet grade 00 steel wool over the paint that has been left on the windshield. This fine grade of steel wool cannot damage glass but allows you to remove small paint spots and other stains that are attached to the windshield.
  3. Clean the windshield with a car glass cleaner and use a microfiber towel to do so. Do it up and down and left to right. Use a dry towel to polish the windshield and remove any remaining moisture.
  4. Apply glass wax to the windshield using a foam applicator. Apply the wax with small circular movements, until it dries. Use a clean microfiber towel to polish the windscreen wipers so it is completely clean.