How to remove ice from the windshield, simple tricks

Removing ice from the windshield is a rather cumbersome task. Therefore, before giving you the tips to remove it quickly and easily, it is advisable to know some recommendations to prevent ice from occurring.

Prevention: how to avoid the appearance of ice

If you plan to park your car outside in winter, you can avoid the appearance of ice by placing, for example, an old blanket and some thickness on the windshield (it would not be bad if you also put rags or pieces of old blanket in the windows and in the rear window). An alternative to blankets can be covers, thick cartons and several layers of newsprint.

Another trick home that gives results the moment you park your car outdoors is pouring a solution of water and vinegar. Concretely, every three parts vinegar a water.

If the ice has already appeared: what NOT to do

If you have not been able to avoid the presence of ice on your windshield (you have forgotten to put blankets, cartons, etc.), you NEVER want to put HOT WATER directly on the glazed surface of your car. The drastic change in temperature can crack the glass. Also, do not put SAL directly on the windshield and scratch immediately with a plastic object. The direct SAL on the glass can cause scratches, in addition to the corrosive power of this element on the surface / body plate.

If there is ice: what you DO

Start the engine of the car, activate the heating and direct the aerators to the windshield. While doing this, lower some of the windows of the car. In case the crystals have some ice or frost in a closed place (it is very rare that it happens, but it can happen), do not have a long time the engine started because of the danger that your carbon monoxide can generate in your health.

With the above, you will get that the layer of ice is reduced slightly. It is at this moment when you should scratch yourself. The best object to realize it is a scraper or scraper that they sell in any store of accessories for the automobile. If you do not have a scraper, an old plastic card (or a credit / debit card that you do not use and that is not valid) can also help you, although its effectiveness is less than that of a scraper.

Before scratching, you can even pour salt water (never, salt by itself) that can help you in the scraping task.

Coolant and alcohol on the windshield. You can also spray the glass with this liquid thanks to its antifreeze properties. It is best to take it out for a few seconds before scratching. Also, alcohol can also help you remove the ice.

Remove the inside fog that produces the cold. The very action of the hot air will defrost the inner zone of the glass. If you want this action to be much faster, in addition to rubbing with a rag, you can also rub the surface with a potato cut in half and then dry with a dry cloth to remove the small liquid generated by the potato when pressed.