How to remove ice from car glass

Although in these lines we give you some tips to know how to ice the car, you should know that, first of all, you have to prepare your vehicle for the cold. This will avoid driving with low visibility. At low temperatures, a car parked in the open without moving for days suffers more than another that does every morning for a few kilometers.

When the damage is already done and a layer of ice covers the moon, or snow gives you good morning, remember the typical scraper. Use the rigid part first to remove the thickest and then the rubber to avoid leaving a mark on the glass. This way you will avoid using the thermal lenses before starting the ride and will not trigger the fuel consumption.

Of course, to remove ice from the windshield of the car do not resort to the typical little bottle of water, because it will freeze when it falls on the moon and if it is hot can break it. In addition to worrying about the windshield, it is good to check the condition of certain components. They are vital and especially sensitive to colds:

Battery: Unplug wires with dry hands (never touch both terminals at once), sand the connections where there is rust and protect them with special grease or Vaseline.

Cooling circuit: so that it does not deform or burst due to cold, check the antifreeze level and replace it at most every two seasons.

Crystals: Cover them without scratching them with plastics or cartons. If you have doubts, check out this handy one to see how to protect your car from the cold.

Windscreen washer: check that the ejectors are not clogged and that the pump that runs them works. If instead of a specific liquid you put water into the tank, do not forget to add a little antifreeze. With the clean windshield you will see much better.

Door rubber: there are products that enhance their tightness and prevent doors from sticking because of frost.

Drains and drains: make sure they are clear for them to do their job.