How to clean the inside of the windshield of a car

The windshield dirt is not only ugly but also jeopardizes the safety to driving. It’s easy to remember to clean the outside of the windshield and also the windshield washer fluids are responsible for keeping it clean between deeper cleanings.

The inside of the windshield, however, is a completely different thing, and drivers tend to forget the ease with which you can get dirty and intervene with safety. While the outside of the windshield clean is easier to clean, the interior, due to the curvature of the glass and dash location in the middle, with a little patience and preparation inside can be kept as bright as the exterior.


  1. Clean around the inside of the windshield with dry paper towels. This will remove dust and dirt and wet cleaning easier.
  2. Sprinkle the corners and edges of the windshield with glass cleaner car. Be sure to spray abundantly, if you spray a small amount will not result.
  3. First clean the corners and edges with a microfiber towel for glasses, as well as much land together. Clean these areas first prevents dust and debris can be distributed over the rest of the windshield.
  4. Sprinkle half the windshield with glass cleaner. The half with a clean microfiber towel in a circular motion.
  5. Dry the glass and get even shine with a new microfiber towel.
  6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 for the other half of the windscreen, using new towels.

Tips & Warnings

Always use clean earth to not spread the dirt on the glass or towels. This prevents streaks or scratches. In hot or cold temperatures, get the car in the garage, if possible, so that the glass is cooling or warming a little before cleaning. Clear the board before cleaning the inside of the glass.

Use only specific auto glass cleaners. Cleaners can contain ammonia and damage the surfaces of some cars.