How to remove the glass from the car

A windshield generally broken means it’s time to call the professionals, but you can save a lot of money if you remove the windshield before the technician arrives to install the new one. It is also a useful skill if you like classic cars, as finding specially curved glass parts can lead you to look in junkyards, where if you find it, you have to remove it and bring it home for the restoration project. The process is very simple, but it will take practice and strength.


  1. Gently lift any edge around the windshield using a flat head screwdriver. If you plan to reuse the edge, it is best to start lifting it with the screwdriver and slowly pull the rest, by hand. Do this on the outside and inside of the glass you are removing.
  2. By any joint that may be below the edge. Again, if it is in good condition, start by lifting it using the tip of the screwdriver and pulling the rest by hand. In this way you will be able to reuse it.
  3. Insert the cold knife between the windshield and the frame of the car starting with the top of the glass in the center. Taking care to hold the knife blade perpendicular to the glass (at exactly a 90 degree angle), bring the knife toward you to cut through the windshield frame seal. Repeat all this around the glass.
  4. Push the glass from inside the car. The windshield is resting on molded eyelashes in the frame then as you push the eyelashes, insert one of your 2 x 4 inches between the windshield and the frame to hold it away from it.
  5. Remove the windshield from the car by carefully lifting it.

Tips & Warnings

  • Have someone help you lift the larger pieces, such as front windshields and rear windshields, as the size and weight of the glass is easier to handle with two people.
  • If any part of the windshield breaks, be sure to completely remove that section by breaking it off the part. This will avoid unnecessary wounds when removing the windshield.